The E-Commerce Store Owner’s Guide to Getting People on Your List

It has been a long, arduous journey, but you have finally got your business online. The possibilities of growth and revenue are endless. You can smell the big future of your brand in a few years to come. However, you have a rather pressing, immediate problem: you don’t have many customers yet. You need those customers to achieve the big future and, according to your projections, time is running out. The best thing (and probably the only thing) you need to do is to grow your mailing list.

Email Marketing- It’s A Thing

Growing your mailing list means that you will be advertising and promoting your products or services via email. So if you are promoting your goods using people’s email addresses, you are doing email marketing. Nearly gone are the days when you send out flyers and give out newsletters via snail mail to customers and potential customers.

Sending emails becomes marketing when these emails are meant to advertise a company’s products or services. So in short, email marketing is the process of sending emails to potential, previous or current clients to ask for business, request for people to buy from them, to make donations, to update on ongoing sales or new products and services et cetera. These emails could be advertisements or in the form of newsletters, and they are intended to create brand awareness, build loyalty in the present customer base, get new customers or test a new market. Companies can also put in advertisements in other companies’ emails to their customers.

Types of email marketing include:

  • Direct Email
    These are emails sent by a company for the sole purpose of promoting a service or product, like announcing discounts on products and services or special offers. To send direct emails, companies more often than not put together a list of current customers’ (or prospective customers’) email addresses and send them direct promotional emails, and they usually get lists of customer email addresses from other companies (for a fee) and send them the emails as well. Direct email is also known as interruption based marketing.
  • Transactional Email
    These emails are sort of automated responses to activities done by customers like password resets or order placements. If a customer places an order for a product, for example, an email will immediately be sent to confirm that they made that order. That email is a transactional email. Transactional emails are also used as a way to engage with customers, encouraging them to give reviews and feedback and to ask questions of the company and get answers in return. There are many software providers that offer transactional email services, and some of them allow companies to include promotional messages or adverts in these emails.
  • Mobile Email Marketing
    Or modern email marketing refers to a strategy that has been created to pull in customers by email adverts on their smartphones and tablets. Email marketing generates a lot of traffic through the use of these handheld devices, and, as such, market researchers are trying to see how this phenomenon can help companies gain more customers through creating emails specifically for smartphone users.

You already know why you need to grow your mailing list, and you know what email marketing is. Now, what are the actions you ought to do to grow that mailing list?

How to Get People on Your Mailing List

  • Sign up for Email forms
    These forms can be put at the bottom of the web page, or at the top right corner, or by the side, or it could pop up when a visitor has stayed on the site for a few minutes. These forms usually need to have some sort of incentive for the visitor to sign up for, such as getting a free ebook, or a promo code, or a 10% discount, if they sign up. Once they sign up, that’s one more email address on your list.
  • Pop-Ups
    Using pop-ups depends on what you are selling, and the demographic you are selling to. Some people hate it when they are browsing through a page and something comes up to block the view, asking them to enter their email address for something they are not sure they need. The younger demographic don’t mind this so much, especially of it is a pop-up promising a discount on books or clothes if they would just enter their email addresses
  • Retargeting Campaigns
    These usually involve getting out that old mailing list and sending them stuff that they just can’t resist, making them regular customers again. Use an incentive like ’buy one, get one free’ combined with great attractive photos of the products works like a charm.
  • Contests
    Create contests that require participants to register with their emails to be able to compete. It can be an Instagram competition or lucky draw of the month, the key is to draw your customers into participating.
  • Offer Mini-Courses, for Free
    Offer your customers mini-courses on how to improve their blog, or how to write a book, or how to sew a circle skirt, if they would sign up for your emails. These free courses will pull customers in, and you will get more email addresses on your list.
  • Surveys
    Create surveys for customers and potential customers alike, at the end of which you give them the option to leave their email addresses to see the great deals you have in store for them.

The number of ideas to increase the list is endless. From beneficial methods like mini-courses and DIY tips to more conventional ways such as contests, the above are great suggestions to explore right now.