How Autoresponders can Help Promote Your Store

Whether it is blogging, freelancing, an e-commerce store, or online tutorials, every online business has the objective of getting more customers and retaining them, as well as making a profit from whatever it is the business does. There are several tools and methods out there today that can ensure that an online store gets more traffic and increased sales. Some of these tools or methods include:

  • Newsletters
  • Word of mouth
  • Autoresponders
  • Pay per click
  • Joining online discussion groups

We will be focusing on using autoresponders to help promote your online store. Autoresponders have the ability to make or break one’s business if not used to their full potential. But, to know more about autoresponders, one needs to actually know what they are.

What Are Autoresponders?

An autoresponder is a tool that is provided by email providers. Basically, autoresponders are auto-generated emails that get sent to people who sign up for a business’ newsletter; or have done business with a certain company, which follows up with emails to promote new product and deals; or when people opt-in for a particular product or service to get updates. Autoresponders are a great way to stay in contact with your customers and to include them on certain events happening that may affect them.

So How Can Autoresponders Help You?

With the steps taken in recent years, selling your business to customers has taken on a whole different, online perspective. Using an autoresponder sequence is a great tool in your arsenal for doing business, and, as said earlier, autoresponders can make or break your business.

Autoresponders are used in various ways, including:

  • To advertise services and/or products to existing customers
  • To inform customers about promotions, sales, and discounts
  • To onboard new customers
  • To deliver mini, online courses via email
  • To send out online surveys to understand your customer’s needs better


First of all, you need to clearly identify your niche. What is it that you do, that you offer to your customers? Identifying your niche is a step towards understanding what your customer base is. Knowing who your customers help you use your autoresponders in a better way to promote your store. Once you identify your target group of customers, you can utilise some of the strategies below to make your marketing efforts robust.

  • Offer mini-courses to customers. Free courses that can be understood in under a hundred and fifty words, spread out over seven days, offering knowledge that your customers truly need, is one way to promote your store.
  • Give your customers free value on your services and products. This creates a reciprocal effect, where the customers buy more because they have gotten something free from you. Autoresponders are great for that ‘buy two, get one free’ campaign. This promotes your store and increases your sales and customer base.
  • Give your customers how-to tips. Tips on some of the best ways to use your product or service, and even tips on how to combine your product with another product from a different category. In this way, you are using your autoresponders to not only promote your own products but to also promote the products of another category of your store.
  • Re-launch Your Products: A product or service you have already promoted can be launched again at a discounted rate, thus moving up sales for that product, and possibly others as well.

Certain ways autoresponders are used can completely turn customers off, so these should be taken note of:

  • Sending too many emails
    Most people find this very annoying. In the welcome email, let your customers know what to expect in the next email and when to expect it. Also, try to make the emails as brief and concise a possible, yet fun to read and informative.
  • Timing
    The times you set your autoresponders to send out emails to your mailing list also matters. You can choose to send them every three days, or every other day. The most important thing is the emails should be delivered at the same time on the expected dates.
  • Sending emails to customers who never signed up
    This also turns customers off, and they, in turn, mark your emails as spam. Try to set your autoresponders for people who actually opted in for what you are offering. If you are sending emails to another store’s mailing list, make sure you don’t inundate them with emails.

Some autoresponder services can send your customers a confirmation email, to ensure that they are the ones that signed up for the service or product your company is selling.

When used correctly, autoresponders can attract a new crowd, retain the interest of the existing base and even draw back old customers who have simply drifted away. Autoresponders can be used to promote online stores and drive up sales. It is one of the most simple, efficient and cost-effective ways to reach out to your customers.